Friday, November 14, 2008


I found this on my facebook profile. This is me and my outlook on life

"Live, Love, Learn, Hurt, Heal, Grow.... work like you don't need the money, love like you'll never be hurt, and dance like nobody's watching" This is how I live.... spontanious, loving, crazy. and grateful for everything. I believe in being yourself and having a little fun, dancing in the grocery store,canoodling when I get the chance, making goofy faces at the camera, tickling your friends, talking to complete strangers, taking chances.... this is what I do. I'm am a fiercely loyal friend... I would do most anything to help someone out. Service and Charity are a huge part of my life outlook. Plus one of the most important things to me is to never loose seeing the world through the eyes of a child. I am rather hard headed and will fight for what I believe in, but I pick my battles carefully. I enjoy simply being with people. This is me. Live life like it's a skirt you can twirl in forever, it's ok to roll down the hill or splash in the puddle, or eat fast food on the good china dishes. Bottom line, find faith in something and enjoy life. Find the good in every situation.

I'm very excited fyi, because I get to come home to C. Springs for the weekend! Hang out with my Family. Chill with the friends, go on dates with Erik, and do a lil money making as well. It will be amazing, wish i had more time... Life is going well, and I hope you all are well. God Bless, I pray for you all.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shoshi 'n the bubble

So- A lot has happened since I last wrote! First of all, I apologize for the lapse of writing lately. Life has been wicked crazy, and on top of that, now we can’t get online at work and since I’m there A LOT, that’s were it’s easier for me to post at. Any who, I’ll stop complaining and get on with my story.
I have never had to decorate a room that was so blank and set out before! Especially with not being able to really put holes in the walls and such. I finally just got some fabric, tape, scrapbook paper and other accoutrements and went at it. It’s still not much, but at least now I have some personalization! Lol
OOOOOooooo, I totally had my real first Student housing experience! Hahahha. So- the other day I was sitting on the couch, crocheting and talking to my roommate, Stephanie, and the doorbell rang. It was like 11:30pm, so we were both a little bit mift at who it could be. I opened the door and standing there was an adorably shy college boy who proceeded to tell me he lost a bet, his friends were all at the bottom of the stairs… and his consequence was he had to go up to a random girls apartment and get a kiss from her!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! So- he asked if I would, and then turned his cheek, I said yes and get him a ‘lil smooch on his cheek. He quickly said thank you and bolted down the stairs while his friends were yelling that they didn’t see it and I needed to do it again!!!! Hahaha! I tell you, people are funny! I had a good laugh, along with Stephanie.
Sheryl, a girl at work has become like my best friend out here, along with Katie, and Rachel, oh, and Seth ;) I also work with Jessica- I adore her, but know her very well. Yet, I hope to. Sheryl and I hung out all Halloween and I hope to have some pics up soon. I also got to hang out with Aubrey, my cousin! I adore her!
I get to come home next weekend and am SO excited about that! I do love it out here, but I miss The Springs terribly. And I've been having a really hard time being away from certain people. There are some great possibilities that may be happening soon for me and I will let you know. Okay, yes- one of them is a boy, but nothings official yet, so don’t get to excited, lol. I really hope thing go well, but we will see.
I love you all and I hope life is treating you well. And, I’m purposely not commenting on the Obama thing other than I guess we all knew it had to get worse before Christ can come again. But, I’m thankful prop 8 pasted. I’m fine with people having rights, but I don’t want a few people merely deciding to change the entire basis and sanctity of marriage. I do love you all though, I don’t care about race, sexual preference, religion, or gender… we are all God’s children and we need to come together and be respectful.
Shauna Leigh

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Church in the Bubble

Life is good! I love Utah! I totally miss Colorado, but I'm actually doing pretty well here. My job is great (front desk at Massage Envy). I LOVE the people I work with! I just moved into my new apartment, and my roomie's are great! I have my own room, and 3 roommates... Stephanie, Kara, and Lacey. Lacey's getting married in early December, so there'll be a newbie there then. I'm totally excited too, because I have a new cute comforter, and for the 1st time in a long time, my room is actually super girly. It's all decked out in pink! hahaha, this is great cause I used to hate pink and now it's my favorite color!
I went to my new ward on Sunday, and I found out I'm going to have to start liking to hike... it's on campus at BYU. So, I have to park at the bottom of this huge hill, hike up like 65-70 stairs, get on the Lil trail, hike like another 1/4mile on a fairly steep slop, and I tell you, the last 6 stairs you have to go up to get into the building kill! I imagine it's going to be amazing during the winter. I'm debating wearing running shoes and changing into heels when I get into the building!
Then, my ward is great, don't get me wrong, but I swear- they grow the boys in Utah short! It's kinda funny, I'm pretty sure I'm taller than 85% of the guys there, without heels! hahaha
Sacrament Meeting was actually really funny- because the girl speaker almost passed out and was cracking jokes the whole time because she was so nervous! I felt bad for her, but I still had to laugh.... and I do have to say, it is harder to concentrate on spiritual things in Sacrament meeting, when you meet in a chemistry lab and you can learn the periodic table!
I've come to learn that NOTHING beats Colorado water! Like the tap water! Apparently I'm a water snob, because I cant' stand the taste of it out here, so I've taken to buying bottled water all the time! It's crazy! I mean, paying for your water every once in a while isn't bad, but paying for a natural resource all the time is crazy! what's next? Air? Okay, so I do admit I've done that before too! hahaha- at the Oxygen bar! It's way fun and amazing!~ I went last time I was in Vegas
Speaking of Vegas- I'm totally stoked to go out there for Tracey's wedding! And- I'm also really excited to see everybody! It's gonna be a big party all weekend! YAY!
So- if you need my new address just send me an email and I'll shoot it on back to you. I hope everything is going well! Love you all!
Shauna Leigh

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 3 in the Bubble!

Much to my own chagrin I'm actually enjoying "happy valley"! hahaha! Really, the people are nice... haven't met too many crazies... love my job... found and apt... it's really going pretty swell (Ha, I've wanted to use the word swell all week and finally found a place for it! HUZZAH!).
I'm excited/nervous to move into my new place on Wednesday. I've been looking for a place since I moved out here and finally found a few to look at. The first one was HUGE! Lots of space, nice location, big rooms and 2 family rooms, unfurnished so I could bring all my own stuff! Room for a washer and dryer, nice big kitchen. And I'd be the 2nd girl moving in, out of 4-5. It would have worked out amazing! The 2nd place was nice, but not really my style and a lil pricey. The final place was in off-campus student housing, only a mile from BYU, fully furnished, ok sized rooms, and the 3 roommates there are all like 19-20... Of course, none of this really mattered, because when I walked in to the last one it felt right. It just felt like where I'm supposed to be. I told the girl I wanted to go home and call my parents and pray about it, and within an hour I knew I needed to call and tell her I'd take it. I went in the next day and we did all the paperwork. Luckily, there wasn't too much of that! lol
In order me to live there, I technically have to be a student. So- I went online and registered for Institute at UVU. I'm supposed to start tomorrow, but I have to work so it'll wait 'til next week. I am excited for this though. because I was going to sign up anyway :)

Other than that, I've just been making new friends and finding old friends that are here. I miss Colorado terribly... but I'm doing well out here.

Oh, I have written a few new songs and look forward to recording them... also, I will VERY soon have some of my Cd's for sale with 2 songs on them, Santa Monica Beach & Lose My Senses... So let me know if you want one and we'll get it worked out
I love you all and write to me or call/txt :)
Shoshi B

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 2 in the Bubble

I started my job! Yay!!!! I work as a receptionist/front desk at Massage Envy and I love it! I work with some really great and fun people. We laugh all day with eachother and the guests. So I am truly blessed to have a job I actually enjoy J
On Friday while at work, we had a client come in that had just moved here a week before, Andrea, and I told her I was new as well. We decided to go to the Institute Dance at UVU that nyt together. So- after work I went home and got ready. I met up with her and we went off to the unknown.
It took forever to find a parking spot because there were so many people there, I mean HUNDREDS!!!! Once we got up to the building, a man was yelling at us about some wrist band that we needed. I made a comment to Andrea about never having gone anywhere I needed a wrist band where they didn’t serve alchohol… the guy actually yelled at me telling me they didn’t serve drinks there! I was yeh, I know, not that I drink! I was just saying that honestly! I told him I wasn’t from here, and he backed down.
Once in the door, we actually had to SIGN A DANCE CARD!!!!!!!!! Like and honest to gosh dance card with rules on it! Like no standing in circles or flips or tricks! It was hilarious! After signing it we were aloud to walk in the door. It was surreal, straight up like walking into the movie The Singles Ward!!!! HAHAHA! Nobody could actually dance! I saw a few couples trying to swing dance to Ice Ice Baby, and the DJ played the same techno beat over every song! It was an “experience” to watch! Hahaha
We did meet a cool guy named Brian… he had prayed his hair blue for the dance and I thought it was freakin’ awsome.. so we after I told him that we ended up at a way crowed IHOP (p.s. I miss my denny’s!:( sad day). Anywho- got home late and worked that whole next day.
Also had the experience of going to a BYU YSA ward… actually not as bad as I thought it would be lol. I met up with my friend, John, and walked the ever-uphill stretch on campus. While on that lil jog ot make it on time, I actually had an asthma attack! Now, I’m allergic to inhalers, so I pretty much just have to try to relax and breath through it… I weezed over halfway through sacrement meeting. Sad day.
Other than that, not a whole lot has gone on. I am liking how things are shaping up out here. Still working on finding a place to live in a few weeks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is Spin Factor?

I was the little girl that always wanted to wear the dress that when I would spin around the room, it would flair out and make me feel like I was flying. I would spin in circles for what seemed like hours until I became so dizzy I’d have to lie on the floor and feel the earth moving under and over me. I still love to check out the “spin factor” on all the dresses and skirts I wear, especially when I’m feeling fun or flirty. Life is like the spin factor from my childhood days of twirling. It spins and twists, oft times taking unexpected turns. So- instead of being “Adults” and forcing our way thru, why not take that simple act of a child and enjoy the ride. Spinning and dancing with the fluid movement of the fabric of time. And, when we get too dizzy, take a step back. Lie down and feel the world working, moving over and under us. Life will move on whether or not we wish for it to. So I say, Dance like nobody’s watching… and take those turns that make you soar. The best part about it is you can’t fail, because every dance is unique. Every soul is different. And every dress will spin unlike any other.
And the next time life has you to serious, anxious, or down…. I dare you to go back to your childhood and spin in your fullest skirt, or roll down a hill… and I dare you to not have fun doing it, for I think it’s impossible to not at least crack a smile.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 1 in "The Bubble"

1st week in the bubble.... I've been in Utah for almost a full week now! It’s actually been fairly surreal thus far… hasn’t really hit me yet. See, Em (1 of my closest friends) came out to Utah with me last Monday. We carpooled with Miranda (My old roommate and friend) and her husband Kris. I’m staying with them for a few weeks until I get paid, so I can pay rent. They pretty much more than rock for letting me stay here.
Anyway, back to the story. So- we drove I-70 thru the Rockies… and it was beautiful! The leaves on the aspens were bright gold, yellow, orange, and green! Amazing! Then we caught Hwy-6 thru Price to Provo. We spit our ways. Em and I continued up thru Salt Lake to Kaysville, and stayed with her brother for the night. I defiantly thank them for their hospitality, and it was hilarious for me to try and sleep with 1 pillow as I’m used to having 2 body pillows and 2 others! HAHAHA.
The next morning I got to hang out with Em and Traceface (Tracey)! It was way fun! We went mall crawling and ate lunch. I headed back to Orem and unpacked, and then started the tenuous task of job hunting. I had a few interviews before I left Colorado, and 1 of them wanted to have an in-person-interview. I did end up getting that job and I start tomorrow. YAY!
On Friday My parents came out! Funny how much one can miss their parental when they’re not around (even for a few days). I mean, it was suddenly October and nobody sang happy birthday to the month as my Mom had since I was little!
Not too long after My Parents got in, so did my friend, Tom. He is awesome. He came out for conference and to help ease my transition (as did Em, and they were going back together). We all stayed up in Salt Lake (or close by) for the next few days. I got to spend time with my Grandparents for dinner on Friday night! I love them, they’re so cool.
Tom, Em, and I got in to the Saturday morning session of the LDS General Conference. We didn’t have tickets, but waited in the standby line and miraculously got fabulous seats! We were able to hear many great talks, including the Prophet. It was so cool to see him in person, speaking to all of us, and me individually.
We watched the 2nd session at my parent’s hotel room with my Grandpa, Mom, and Dad. I spent the remainder of the day with mostly them (parents), and the next morning. Sunday at noon I bid them adieu as they were on their way to Seattle. I miss them already.
Yesterday (Sunday), I also went up to Matt’s house (Traceface’s fiancĂ©’). Hung out with them for a bit until Em got back to her brothers and stayed there for the night. Sadly, I said bye to Em and Tom this morning after having to play marco polo thru Salt Lake for Tom and I to get our cars facing the same direction on the street! LOL… he seems to think I did it on purpose! Hahaha. Afterwards, Trace, Laura (Matt’s sister) and I picked out some jewelry for Tracey’s wedding, and I headed back “home”. Seriously, I almost had to stop for a nap on the way down! I was SO tired! But I made it… yay.
So- tomorrow I start my new job and looking for apartments. This may start to seem more real soon… and I already miss Colorado. So- keep me in your prayers as you’re in mine as well. I know this is where I’m supposed to be… God has made that path clear. Now I just have to figure out why. And, I plan to make it as fun and joyous as “happy valley” can offer (and maybe a little wild and funky as well) lol. Till next time. Shoshi B